Sunday, March 29, 2015

I found Recovery with a Hole in my Soul - Anchal Duggal

Rating : 4.0

My copy of this book ...realized how potentially strong emotions were in our case. It was not possessiveness but obsession for one another that knew no bounds. There were no rules put down but unknowingly, unsaid some conditions just sprouted on their own. And we were happy living with them, without complaint. 

I want you guys to know that I can rate a book very poorly and I won't care at ALL about what the author would say. But, this was a case in which I REALLY liked/loved this book. 

This is the story of a the author who becomes a widow at a very young age. She describes her journey from happiness to depression to recovery. The book is written beautifully. The romance in the book was written in a way that cannot be described in any way. I was indulged deeply while reading this story. Two plots are running parallel to each other in the story. odd chapters (Chapters 1,3,5,7...) describes her life before the death of her husband. Even chapters (chapter 2,4,6,8...) are the story of how devastated, Anchal got after the death of her Super-Loving husband. 

Odd chapters contain such kind of a story that you get lively and chirpy reading the romance. Even chapters are very touching and heart-felt. I am happy at the idea and brilliance of the author in writing her story in this format, because the plot doesn't sink and becomes dark. It portrays a mixture of happy and sad, one at a time. At one point - you are wiping your tears (My eyes were honestly moist), and at another, you want hug a pillow! However, you would feel that the child of the author is not told about, at regular intervals (Nah, not that big a problem). I would like to praise the author for her beautiful poetry inside the book at various points.

While the stories run, they finally mingle by the end of this book (AMAZING FOR A DEBUT BOOK). And all you are left with, once you have read the book, are the rays of hope and optimism in your heart.

CONCLUSION: This book is a MASTERPIECE. I want to tattoo its story onto my body and read it over and over again. It will remind you of CECELIA AHERN'S - P.S. I LOVE YOU. But, my verdict says that it is better. Finally, you would definitely want to read this book again (after completing it) through the odd chapters, since you know the ending in your heart.

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