Friday, October 20, 2017

#Review: Turtles All the Way Down - John Green

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 Format(s) Used-


Publisher - Penguin Random House
Pages - 286


Publisher - PRH Audio
Length - 7 hours 12 minutes


"One of the challenges with pain - physical or psychic- is that we can really only approach it through metaphor. It can't be represented the way a table or a body can. In some ways, pain is the opposite of language."

Turtles All the Way Down is an exceptional book narrated by Aza Holmes, a teen girl who struggles with OCD while finding the whereabouts of the missing billionaire Russel Pickett in return for a cash reward of $100,000. It revolves around the important issue of mental-illness that is not talked about, enough, due to the stigma. 

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I can't stress enough on how much I loved this book. This is definitely one of my most favorite books of all time without a doubt. The writing style is absolutely perfect and really different. Surely, John has written this better than all of his other books. Turtles... is the best book I've read in years and I am so very grateful to the author for writing this brilliant story. I laughed, cried and felt emotions that I didn't even know I existed!

As a reader, I could absolutely feel the kind of pain and agony Aza was in, thanks to the talent that John Green holds. Every sentence in this story is so quotable and immensely poetic that I am still in awe to realize that this is written in the very same century as me. Characters like Aza's best friend Aza, the billionaire's son Davis etc are really well-written. More than just a book, this felt like a classic theatrical performance. Not once in the story did I feel like I was even slightly bored. Instead, with every chapter, I just praised the flow of language.
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]Sentences like "And as I sat beneath fluorescent cylinders spewing aggressively artificial light, I thought about how we all believed to be the hero of some personal epic. when in fact we were basically identical organisms colonizing a vast and windowless room that smelled of Lysol and lard" made me sigh with affection and amazement. 

There's nothing that could've been better in this masterpiece. I just hope that I come across more books written at least a fraction like this.

CONCLUSION: I want this book to get so much recognition and awards that it truly deserves. The six years spent in writing this were worth every second. I definitely recommend this to any person who can read and can appreciate quality literature. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

#Review: The Secret History of Us - Jessi Kirby


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Format Used:

- Paperback

Publisher- HarperCollins India
Imprint - HarperTeen
Pages- 288


*Note: A physical copy of this book was sent to me by HarperCollins India  for an unbiased review. The views expressed below are solely my own. Thanks to the publisher for the copy!

"I died for a few moments and came back missing years of my life. That there are years of my life I've lived that I do not remember. Years that still feel like they're ahead of me. Days I was looking forward to. Big moments I've already had. They're gone. Like they were never mine."

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The Secret History of Us is a book about a teen girl named Olivia who wakes up in a hospital after a near-fatal drowning accident with absolutely no memory of the past four years. The most important high school years. 

Liv has to piece whatever information she gets about her past self that has shaped her into the person she sees in the mirror, while understanding that there's nothing she can do to change it. Then, there is Walker. The guy who saved her but now has suspiciously distanced himself from her. The more she tries to investigate, more the image gets blurry. 

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The book is a quick read with no significant quotable lines which is a major drawback. However, not once during the course of my reading did I feel the need to give up. That's only because the reader has that undying thirst to find out why things are they way they are. The characters are good and strong in their importance in the story. But, they're unfortunately not that greatly written. From the blurb, anyone would've bet that this story would be phenomenal but is let down by the time they reach the back cover.

 disappointment GIFThe ending is also not that amazing, per se, but provides enough closure to the reader. Writing style is a major aspect of a good story which lacks behind with great margins in this case. 

CONCLUSION: Being a short read, this qualifies as an ideal book for someone looking for a contemporary Young-Adult for some lite-reading... But, I suggest you to not have great expectations from the blurb.

Friday, September 8, 2017

#Review: They Both Die at the End - Adam Silvera

4/5 Book Emojis!

Format Used:

- Ebook

Publisher- HarperCollins US
Advance Reader's Edition
Pages- 384


*Note: An e-copy of this book was sent to me by HarperTeen (via Edelweiss) for an unbiased review. The views expressed below are solely my own. Thanks to the publisher for the copy!

"It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live." - Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor

They Both Die at the End is the story set in a world where you are alerted by 'Death-Cast' on the day you're going to die. It, however, can't tell how you're going to meet your end. The book is narrated by two boys - Mateo and Rufus who've been alerted on September 5 at midnight that at any point within 24 hours, they're going to die.

Airtime friends app chill chat GIFMateo is an eighteen year old who lives with his dad and spends most his time in his bedroom. On the other hand, there's Rufus, who is a bisexual seventeen year old living in a foster home with his friends to a tough upbringing. Their worlds collide through the Last Friend App they both seek to find someone to give them company on their final day alive.

 tv weird death 30 rock die GIFBeing a super-fan of Adam Silvera, getting to read anything he writes- from his books to even Instagram captions, is a pure pleasure. They Both... is no exception. The book is written with so much love and from such a pure place of the author's heart, that it reflects with each chapter. The special traits, likes, dislikes, back stories etc of each character is so well-thought and lovingly detailed that it is almost impossible to not get instantly attached to each of them. The plot takes place on a single day, but still Adam has managed to make it progress appropriately fast or slow wherever required. The concept of this book is absolutely brilliant and there's no way anyone who reads the blurb wouldn't feel the need to get a copy of this book.

 halloween book reading humour read GIFFor me, the writing style seemed pretty well, but not as poetic and perfectly worded as I expected from an Adam Silvera novel. The book started off with a perfect pace that was enough to keep me hooked for long. The character development is brilliant and commendable. I expected this story to be told alternatively by the protagonists, but to my delight, there were chapters revolving around other characters. Each and every character leaves an important mark in the story. The timing of every important event in the book is perfect and leads the story to it's poignant end.

By the end of the book, we understand the importance of each character and their respective depths in the story. As for the bigger picture, a reader understands how we're not fortunate enough to get as many perfect moments with loved ones and how unreliable time is. When I finished the book, I could feel what message the author wanted me to get - loud and clear. The ending of the book isn't as thrilling or soul-crushing as I would've wanted it to be. But still, it is powerful.

CONCLUSION: There's absolutely no way that you should miss out on reading a book about a world like this, especially when it is written by my bookish husband/ruler of the kingdom of broken hearts. :)