Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Paper Towns - John Green

Rating : 4.5

This book was a GREAT JOURNEY! I loved everything about this book although it was missing some good views of Margo. She disappeared before the readers could get a grasp of her. John Green brings out a book somewhat like Looking for Alaska . 

What I would suggest to everyone would be that - This book is written in 3 parts: The Strings, The Grass and The Vessel ; Read every part in one go 
If you LOVED looking for alaska, you'd like Paper Towns too. It has some amazing quotes *John Green stuff*! I officially love John Green now! This book had a sad ending and some would find it emotional as well. I read this book because my classmate suggested it to me and also, they're making a movie! 

You should definitely read this book because 1) It is written by John Green 2) It is like Looking for Alaska 3) It has mystery which is described properly and is easy to understand 4) It uses the words like 'Deadpanned' , 'Nonchalantly' and 'Labyrinth' which proves that it is a book by John Green. 5) Romance is not too much ; it's a crush 6) Every part is written in a different Genre.

So, yeah, YOU HAVE TO READ IT! Okay?! 

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