Friday, March 20, 2015

Vasu and the Matsya Temple - Rajeev Tanwar

Rating : 3.6

"A group of children have shown us what great things can be accomplished by simply having faith in oneself, and doing the right thing". 

In this book, Vasu is taken and takes you on a ride through the jungles, and enchanted oceans... Why does it seem that I've known this story a bit??

Shinchan in Bungle in the Jungle

Oh yes! I watched this as a movie in my childhood! But, it is just slightly similar.

Anyways, the story begins as a Jungle mystery and leads to a kidnapping of the newborn son of archaeologist Shridhar Gupta, who found a locket during research in the jungles and gifted it to him. The story reveals fantasy when it introduces characters which are related to the characters. In just the second chapter, readers are introduced to the oceanic world ruled by Maharaja Siddhivarun , and it (Ch 2-6) seems dragged till you want to scratch your head off.... 

Readers would be totally mesmerized by the story as it would make them wonder about the world they are presently living in, towards its (maybe true) reality. The plot is full of fantasy which has been explained properly and somewhat scientifically. The story moves 11 years forward and Vasu is brought up as a normal boy (in the ordinary world - Bhoomi Author has smartly explained about the changes within these years SLOWLY, to us as well as Vasu.

Maharaja Siddhivarun gets ill because of the evil villain - Samraat Viraat Shatru & the king's evil wife - and he has forgotten everything... He slowly falls into a deep sleep, from which he needed to be woken up. The plot proclaims about a great war, which never happens. But is just a small fight. Many exciting twists and turns take place, which grasped my attention, nicely. However, few grammatical errors in the book irritated me (for which I can never forgive the author!). But, I have not taken it into account of my rating. 
The story lacks reality at times in the characters which are NORMAL CHILDREN! For example - a girl who can find directions with the help of meditation - SHE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT THE FANTASY A FEW HOURS AGO! The characters (small orphan children) should have been shown a little older, because this is making the story seem for kids.

The ending is excellently portrayed and wins the heart. But, few mysteries remain. I expect them to be revealed in the forthcoming books in the series.

CONCLUSION: This book is the first book of the Asthamangala Adventures, but somewhat has a stand-alone plot. However, you'd be eagerly waiting for the next book. Someone who has never read fantasy would even fall for this book. For the people thinking that this is a Sanskrit-Mahabharata-type book: IT IS DEFINITELY NOT! It steals your thoughts away. I promise you that you wouldn NEVER get bored. Give this book a try, and you'll get addicted! ;)
*Note - A copy of this book was sent to me by the author in return for an HONEST review.

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