Friday, April 3, 2015

Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper - Zangba Thomson

Rating : 4.5

Book in my Hand
"Survival of the fittest is the name of the game. The losers are either dead, in jail, or stung out on drug. The winners end up fulfilling their dreams. It doesn't matter which side you represent, for better or worse - everyone needs an exit strategy out of the ghetto. The victims are always the law abiding citizens, and without them- all hope is lost." 

I want you guys to know that I can rate a book very poorly and I won't care at ALL about what the author would say. But, this was a case in which I REALLY liked/loved this book.
This book is about a boy named Barnes Harris (son of Babita Harris, who is infected with Black Fever) who along with his two friends, Demus and Baker (all three comprise the THREE BLACK BOYS , are on a mission to arrange for a quarter of a million Dollars, illegaly, for the liver transplant of his mother, since they cannot afford it.

Part 1 and Part 2The plot goes through: 1) Action - since it is street life, and story of gangsters. It occurs only when needed, not very frequently and amazingly! 2) Suspense - There are moments when you are into the book and you cannot put it down, because it contains such unpredictable and twisted scenes... 3) Writing Skills - There are scenes and chapter, where you just stop and think that, what? Beautifully written. 4) Parallelism - First few chapters are based on different lives. But, they join together after a while and run on the track. Each character has his/her own story to tell!

The book is written in two parts, the first part is the mission, and the second part is (er.... uh.... LET IT BE A SUSPENSE FOR YOU!) SUPERB FANTASY! (Minute scenes are implausible, but won't be too far-fetched) I bet that you wouldn't have thought that the story would end that way. When I was halfway through, (the first part was about to end) I thought that THIS is the end, and I was satisfied. But, the second part came unexpected! AMAZING!

YAYYYYYYY! I got it signed!CONCLUSION: This book will have an aura of its own in your bookshelf. Whenever you read it, you will inevitably be left with the memories of highs and lows which occurred in the story. The characters have some kind of charm and importance of themselves, which if were not present, the story would've ended up as boring. But, this book stands out from all the other books of this genre, since this is a BEAUTIFUL COMPILATION of different GENRES!


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