Sunday, February 2, 2020

#BookReview: Infinity Son - Adam Silvera


2.5/5 Book Emojis

Format Used: 

ARC: Paperback

Publisher - Simon & Schuster India 

Pages - 350

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*Note: I received a review copy of this book from the publisher Simon & Schuster India, for an honest review. The views below are unbiased and solely my own.


"War makes us do things we didn’t know we were capable of. We’ve shown compassion, but we’ve also had to become violent to stay alive. To try and win.
Infinity Son by Adam Silvera is a coming-of-age fantasy novel about a boy named Emil and his brother named Brighton in the city of New York who have spent most of their lives obsessing over Spell Walkers- the vigilantes who protect the world from specters- creatures who steal powers from magical beings known as Celestials. 

In the middle of chaos surrounding these creatures who selfishly crave for power, even if it means shedding of precious and magical blood, Emil discovers there is more to his life than he was told since he was a childhood. Brighton gets pulled in as well, from a wannabe social media celebrity to an overnight sensation's brother. 

I really expected a lot out of this book, being an Adam Silvera superfan since his first book came out years ago, and lo and behold, I was disappointed. The plot was very loose and improperly thought out. At some points it felt like I was reading a gay X-Men fan fiction on WattPad with the character names changed. The book started off on an average depth but gained a little bit of my interest when I hit the 30% mark. But, by the time I was halfway done, I absolutely couldn't find the energy to read it any more. Owing to my undying love for Silvera and the publisher, I finished the book. 

There wasn't good imagery or vivid descriptions used for any of the scenes in the book. For the character development, it didn't exist. The lines seemed quick and missed buildup. However, I liked the concept of the book if you ignore some of the several ridiculous incidents in the story. 

Conclusion: This is definitely not a fantasy book I would recommend to anyone. If you're looking to read gay fantasy, Adam Silvera hasn't done justice to your need. For a quick and light experience, you can definitely give it a try. 

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