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#Review: The Silent Patient - Alex Michaelides



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Publisher - Hachette India 

Pages - 352

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*Note: I received a review copy of this book to participate in the Read-Along hosted by Hachette India. The views below are solely my own.


"Once you name something, it stops you seeing all of it, or why it matters. You focus on the word; which is just the tiniest part, really, the tip of an iceberg."

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The Silent Patient is the debut novel of the screenwriter Alex Michaelides. It is the story of a famous painter, Alicia Berenson, who allegedly shot her husband Gabriel five times in the face and then never spoke a word again. Then, there's Theo Faber, a forensic psychotherapist who joins the psychiatric unit, The Grove, where Alicia is under treatment. He believes that he can make her speak again and bring the truth to life.
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The plot is extremely well paced to the point that I not even once lost my interest, no matter how many sittings I took to finish it. The writing style is very good for a debut novel. What I liked best about the book was how the author incorporated the Greek tragedy Alcestis in relation to the story and beautifully devoured it with his characters. It was very twisted and dark which is something that a lot of people seek these days. Every concept of psychology, psychopathology and psychotherapy used is immaculate and brilliantly brought to use. Most quotes used in the book are by the founding fathers of psychology and quite the dark ones by them, one must say.

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The chapters are simply perfect in length and the literary devices used are absolutely impeccable. It doesn't matter if this is your first psychological thriller book, it will blow your mind away the same way it did for me. The ending is so poetic and so visual that the reader can't help but take pauses to react and fully absorb what just happened. 

CONCLUSION: This book is timeless and I'm sure it will be enjoyed by generations to come. Definitely my most favorite book so far of this year and one of my all time favorites. Highly recommend!

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