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#Review: Rosie Loves Jack - Mel Darbon

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Publisher - HarperCollins India

Pages - 336

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 *Note - I received a copy of this book from HarperCollins India in exchange for an honest review. The views below are solely my own. 


"Why is it different? Is it cos I have Down's syndrome? Down's syndrome isn't me. I am Rose."
Down Syndrome Disability Awareness GIF Rosie Loves Jack is a fiction novel written in first person having a protagonist named Rosie, a teenager with Down's syndrome. It's a narrative of how this one girl doesn't let her disability get in the way of reaching her boyfriend Jack across London to Brighton facing a lot of challenges across the way. The entire book is an adventure-packed ride through the eyes of a special girl who simply wants to be able love someone without any struggles. 

Down Syndrome Disability Awareness GIFI'm a Clinical Psychology major who has dealt with cases of Down's. As a matter of fact, I had one such case while I was reading the book. So, I can definitely say that the way Rosie has been voiced is very appropriate. 

The book has a lot of notes and postcards from the male lead which is quite adorable as well as smartly edited. The writing style is above average which is fine for the age group this book is meant for. There were scenes of humor, romance as well as drama. However, I really missed some significant and quotable lines which could've really blessed the potential of this story. 

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Through the course of the book, one learns how in spite of our differences, we all seek love the same even if it comes in various forms. The ending was good but not very moving as I expected. 

CONCLUSION: I liked this book and would recommend it to people to help with the ignorance around those with intellectual disabilities. It's a light, fun read which is no harm to just breeze through on a nice winter day. 

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