Sunday, June 4, 2017

#Review: We Are Okay - Nina LaCour

Rating:                       3.5/5 Book Emojis!


Format(s) Used:

- Paperback

Publisher- Dutton Books (Penguin)
International Edition
Pages- 234

- Ebook

Publisher- Dutton Books
Pages- 240


*Note: A copy of this book was sent to me by Penguin Random House (US International) for an unbiased review. The views expressed below are solely my own. Thanks to the publisher for the copy!
"These are all the things that change a person. If we endure them and we aren't changed, then something is wrong."

We Are Okay by Nina LaCour is the story of a teenage California girl named Marin who lived with her Gramps, after her only parent - her mother- drowned when Marin was very little, until something happened that changed everything and turned her life upside down. She's forced to leave everything behind except her phone, wallet and a photo of her mother, without even letting her only best friend - Mabel - know the gory details.

Through the course of the book, the reader gets to know how badly Marin has been hit by the haunting of her tragic past that she always seemed to pretend to be absolutely normal until she's faced with the reality of her absolute loneliness. After her entire college leaves her behind for winter break, Marin tries to finds out ways to escape the slow-killing solitude. Months after ignoring the hard efforts of Mabel trying to contact her best friend, she's finally coming to visit whatever's left of Marin after the incidents. Now, she's forced to reveal everything.

The story of Marin's past runs parallel with the one of her present but not exactly - as they are not alternatively placed as chapters in the book- which is a negative point. The writing style is very good but not quite exceptional which seems like injustice to such a wonderful story. But, it doesn't change the fact that Marin's state is something that very strongly gets to the reader. Certain elements of the story are quite personal and very appealing. These are perfect enough to get you hooked.

This book gives a very important message too, that loneliness isn't all that glamorous as the media shows it to be. The way poets describe it, isn't too accurate either. Loneliness is a state of mind triggered by various other events like the ones Marin reveals in the book. This is followed by the constant tiredness, hopelessness and guilt that she is inevitably come to terms with. I'm absolutely sure that any reader who's sensitive enough to understand this, will appreciate the book just as much as I did, or hopefully even more.

CONCLUSION: We Are Okay is a very good story which could've been written a bit better but what it also is, is an important story, as a result of its realistic nature. I know that somewhere down the lane, I'll be reading it again with the exact same hole in my heart that it left the first time.


  1. That is such a nice and impressive review. I think I have enjoyed your review more than reading the book itself. It has convinced me to give a read to the book.

    1. Thank you so very much! This means so much to me :)