Thursday, October 8, 2015

FindBella - Parisa Jenkins

Rating : 3.5
My copy of this book

*Note: A copy of this book was provided to me by the author in return for an HONEST review.

  I want you guys to know that I can rate a book very poorly and I won't care at ALL about what the author would say. But, this was a case in which I REALLY liked/loved this book. 

Back Cover"I won't forget that evening of 13th July 2014, it was the beginning of my living nightmare, a rollercoaster ride entitled FindBella and, wow, it really was one hell of a ride! I think to experience intense feelings so extreme so rapidly in succession is quite a challenge and the start of the ride was that moment of happiness chatting in the kitchen that evening followed very swiftly by the gut wrenching moment of realisation that Bella had gone." 

FindBella is the story of the time in the life of the author, Parisa Jenkins, when her beloved dog escaped from her house. The chapters are named as the emotions that she experienced during the searching period. Parisa lives in Newquay, Cornwall with her kids, husband, horses and dogs. She's a true animal lover but not much of a 'people/social-person'. To her, her animals mean a lot more than just pets.

 Any animal lover can relate to this story, just as I did. I recently adopted a puppy, and while reading this book, I could perfectly understand the sorrow and grief the author would have gone through, during the stressful time. This story is truly a wonderful one. Any reader would feel the same emotions like the author, as the situations full of ups and downs occur... For example, there were moments when calls would be received describing the acquirement of similar coloured dogs, but unfortunately won't turn out to be Bella.

  Losing a pet is like losing a member of a family. It is extremely tragic and a very tough time for the owners. Readers would understand how much toils have to be gone through, to search for one's pet - Printing and distributing posters, searching through all of the expected places, informing local people, asking them for cooperation, gathering information from nearby hounds, vets and other animal centers.

 The end of the story was nicely written and I promise that the readers would be connected deeply into the book while reading.

  CONCLUSION:- The story is such that it HAD to be shared with people. However, I somehow feel that it would've been a MASTERPIECE if was written better but this is the author's first book... If you are an animal lover, you should definitely read it. Even if you're not, you can give it a shot!

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