Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Caretaker of Imagination - Z.R. Southcombe

Rating : 4.0

*Note: A copy of this book was provided to me by the author in return for an HONEST review.

My Copy of the Book!I want you guys to know that I can rate a book very poorly and I won't care at ALL about what the author would say. But, this was a case in which I REALLY liked/loved this book. 

Yipeeee! I got it signed! Children's books really are imagination boosters for the readers. This book is not the usual one. It is based on the story of a 42 YO man, John Carroll, who is really in the need to escape his Über-boring lifestyle and seek an adventure. So, he sets off along with his cat, Theo, in his car to go wherever destiny would lead him. He enters a café and suspects his waiter, Simon, as a pirate. Being the stubborn person that he was, he pestered the waiter to confirm it. After much of hard work, he finally reveals the truth.

 A series of events take place during his adventures which he goes to along with the retired pirate. These are so fun to read and elate the readers'/listeners'minds to an amazing extent. My the middle, he understands why the world is losing its imagination and people don't believe in magic, which actually exists in the world. Thus, he takes the responsibilty upon himself, to restore the dimming magic from the people's lives.

Cute Bookmarks! :D
Most of the situations in the story that are related to the real life situations, seem to be humorous and smart. But, a few could be replaced with another ones, like this one - "His disappointment could only be compared to waking up on Christmas morning to find out that Santa isn't real (which he is, ofcourse)". I also feel that some points which are meant to seem plausible (even though this book is a children's fantasy fiction are going very much OverTheTop...

 CONCLUSION:- This book is a package prepared by wizards, dragons, pirates, bakers, forest creatures and Theo (the cat) filled with lots of fun for the little ones to savor. It will give a message on how important stories are for people. Indeed, one of the best children's book I've ever read.

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