Sunday, January 8, 2017

#Review: History is All You Left Me - Adam Silvera


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- Advance Uncopyedited Edition (ARC)


*Note: This book was provided to me by Penguin Random House for an UNBIASED review. The views expressed below are solely my own. Thanks for the copy!

"You left us alone. Your death made us each a piece in this awkward puzzle that doesn't completely come together, but it's enough to make out this image: two boys in love with someone who is never coming back." (*quoted from the advance copy: may have been subjected to changes in the final copy)

History is All You Left Me is the story of Griffin who's ex boyfriend Theo died in a drowning accident. Griffin is mourning his death along with Theo's boyfriend Jackson, who might be the only person who'd understand what Griffin is going through. But, Griffin and Jackson have their own versions of the history that Theo left them, that they need to share.

the feelsThe story runs parallely between History and Today: History being the memories of Theo with Griffin and the story of first love; Today being the time where grief stricken Griffin is going through the period of mourning over the loss, while talking to deceased Theo. The book starts with the funeral as 'Today' and Griffin and Theo falling in love as 'History'. Because of the way the book has been written, you're loving the relationship between the two, at one point and in another you're left to grieve alongside Griffin.

What I feel is that you always need to mentally prepare yourself before starting an Adam Silvera novel because he is an expert in making you smile and sobbing within the course of a few chapters. I was in tears in the first 40 pages, because the author was able to make you understand exactly what Griffin was going through. There are moments of wit that are appropriately placed and there are moments where you just don't want to damage the book with tears. The loss of a loved one is too much for anyone to bear. This is a kind of a book that you've got to read in sittings that you've got to read in sittings that don't have gap days between them because you might risk your interest.
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As the story moves forward in time and as we reach the time where Griffin's history with Theo and his death come close, secrets are revealed and Griffin gets to know more about his first love, helping him to move on in life. By the time you near the ending, you're feeling all of these emotions like shock, grief, love, happiness and contentment. You're sad but are left with some hope in your heart that is a perfect way to end this book.

CONCLUSION: I definitely recommend this book. Give Adam Silvera a chance to grab your emotions and take you on an exhilarating ride of #TheFeels!

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  1. It looks good and review is convincing. Need to get my copy soon and read it. Thank you for sharing the review.